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A beautiful dream is a powerful thing

You can’t just ignore it and go about your own existence, especially if this dream could change people's lives for the better.

In 2018, Jesus Life Center United Methodist Center was faced with the challenge to make a difference in the Main South Street area in Worcester.

Because I believe that you, like us, aspire for a united neighborhood, where your neighbors and customers are also your friends, I invite you to get to know our LIFE GARDEN CAFE. An initiative that was created to contribute to the lives of  families who visit, work and live in this area.

The Life Garden Café's goal is to be a community center offering a traditional coffee shop environment and also different  programs such as school tutoring, ESL classes, artist's expo and gatherings, chess groups and other friendly activities.

Let’s join forces in bringing transformation, a bright future and strong values for the youth, a renewed purpose for the elderly and hope to all.

If you wish to donate, please click below . 

Help us inspire and invigorate our community!

Pastor Thiago Vieira

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